50 Ways to kill an Alien

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Create your own unique, cute, little Alien to adventure on a journey through a spaceship in the middle of nowhere. 

Solve challenging puzzles with unforeseen consequences. Acquire skills by dressing up. Be the lone savior of a succumbed race.


Be a perfectly unique alien like everybody else


Meet Alien #314159265359, destroyer of heats, desserts and brain cells. A unique and proud successor to what was once the most progressive and warmongering alien race in the universe. It alone carries the future of its entire species on its shoulders. But even for this (wannabe-) genius, the technically advanced machines are a gigantic mystery. But with the powerful cooperation of its strongest (and last) two brain cells, nothing stands in his way. Except for the one, two, fifty fatal accidents.

But that's a sacrifice our hero would be willing to make, if he even noticed it.


It's not the hero we need, but it's the hero we have.

Solve challenges by utilizing ancient technology


Find ancient technology left behind by previous generations and use it to solve your problems.


What could possibly go wrong?


Use unique skills to your advantage


Try to think outside the box and acquire new  skills from within your deepest depths of the subconscious. With those skills you'll be unrivaled among all of your brethren. Use your unlimited power to usurp and destroy.

Too much work, just wear silly dresses instead. It'll be fine.