Castle intruders

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Castle Intruders is a local, asymmetric VR game. Both player get two completely different roles to play. The VR-player has to command guards to indirectly expose and eliminate the PC-player whilst the PC-player hides among identical NPCs to destroy the city from within.

Be the Lord


Stay alert and guard your castle with your army. Find the Intruder by closely watching your citizens and let your guards patrol throughout your areas. Once you find him, launch every guard you've got on him and make sure he won't dare to intrude ever again.

Be the Intruder


Once you've sneaked in the city, the fun begins. Use your dark vision as much as you can without looking too suspicious. Don't linger too long in one spot, plan your next ambush and always be mindful of guards. Try to look for Lock-picks and other Utensils. When you're spotted, run as fast as you can to avoid the guards and slowly try to blend in. You may also use secret passageways to avoid unwanted gazes.