Going Up

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Going Up takes the player into Space. He then has to complete various tasks with his human hands due to Leapmotion.  The player will be accompanied by a cute little robot called P.E.W. that shows the player the way.

Insanely immersive


Whilst you can only play this game in the LEAVR, it's limitations are also it's strengths. Using massive props like railings and walls, GOING UP adds haptic feedback to the table. Thus creating one of the most immersive games to date.

Puzzles for young and old


Every Puzzle is solved with a tool everyone is familiar with:

Your hands. Not a controller. Just your hands.


Shove things around or push buttons and smash stuff like you would normally do. (Babies probably can't do it though.)

Diverse teams


Here's every person who worked on this project at least once.


  • Wolfgang Lambotte (Sounddesign / Leveldesign)
  • Alexis Chopin (Programming / Engine)
  • Georg Schönfeld (Gamedesign / Lead Artist)
  • Jenniffer Schreiber (Project Manager) (Uni)
  • Emely Lotis (Artist) (Uni)
  • Patricia Claus (Artist) (Uni)
  • Joana Zimmermann (Artist) (DIVR)
  • Maria Reinhardt (Artist) (DIVR)

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