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 Fight your way through terrifyingly difficult bosses with only your frail body and mind. Try not to get hit, it won't end pretty. Rise against the false gods and take back what was once yours. 

A cruel past


In Pious you challenge the mad gods in a realm of despair. All minions got their arms and feet removed, leaving them helpless and unable to fight. You, however, want to change this injustice and try to escape this spiral of despair. Can you overcome all hurdles that are lurking in the Shadows?

Visual despair


Explore low poly areas of despair and hopelessness. Everyone has given up and some even worship the mad gods. But even a literal godforsaken country can still look strong and beautiful.

Unfair challenge


Do you feel like those bosses weren't hard enough?


Don't worry, try it again in hard mode. Every boss is significantly harder. Now you're truly fighting a god.

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